Best jewellery organisers: boxes, drawers and more to keep your jewellery tidy
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Keep your precious treasures sparkling for longer


Tuesday 28 April 2020 10:53

If I had a pound for every lost earring back or long-forgotten necklace retrieved from a dusty nook, I’d have enough to enjoy a day out at Christie's next jewellery auction.

Well, perhaps not quite, but I have had to say goodbye to many beloved pieces of jewellery either because I’ve misplaced a crucial piece or it’s become tarnished from sitting in a tangled pile on my dressing table.

I once owned lots of costume jewellery, but with age (and matured taste) I’ve built up a collection of high quality, timeless pieces that all come with their own boxes. But, as nice as those boxes are, closed compartments make it much more difficult to accessorise at a glance.

Jewellery care: the do’s and don’t’s

Do: separate your silver and gold pieces as gold scratches easily.

Do: keep precious pieces away from moisture and air to preserve their shine. Store with small silica bags you often find in new bag or shoe purchases.

Do: wear your jewels on rotation to keep them tarnish-free for longer.

Don’t: apply lotions, perfume or hairspray after putting on jewellery. It should be the final finishing touch to your outfit.

Don’t: forget to wipe prized necklaces and earrings with a soft microfibre cloth after an outing to keep them dust, oil and moisture free.

The right storage plays a part in preserving jewellery. It could be a box, a stand, a wall-mounted rack or something as simple as a patterned tray, but the idea is the same: to keep your precious treasures in neat and tidy order.

How to organise jewellery at home

There are small hacks you can try to keep your jewels sorted:

Small snack bowls: great for rings and bangles

Coat hooks and photo frame corners: ideal for hanging chains and pendants 

Ice cube trays: keep your dangly earrings and studs in neat order within the separated compartments. 

Medicine or pill boxes: works a treat on separating rings, pins and small brooches.

While these work just fine as stand-ins, cluttering your dressing table with bowls or ice trays is less than ideal in creating a chic bedroom look. They’re also no match for storage specifically designed for safeguarding your knick-knacks.

There are holders for rings and necklaces, while others offer spaces to sort both in one place, along with brooches, earrings and other ornaments. Whether you like your jewellery on display or safely tucked away out of sight, we’ve looked for the best jewellery organisers and storage to buy right now.

See our favourites below

All-in-one jewellery holdersStackers Sleek Necklace Travel Jewellery Box, Blush Pink

With plenty of compartments, trays and holders for all kinds of jewellery, this blush pink design from Stackers brings together style and function beautifully.

Measuring just 5 x 27 x 13cm, the super compact box is perfect for small dressing tables as well as slipping into your holdall for trips away.

Jonathan Adler Lacquer jewellery box white

Anyone with a passing interest in interiors knows the name Jonathan Adler: his kooky and kitsch homewares are celebrated the world over. While some pieces can go for thousands, this jewellery box offers fans a chance to own the brand for much less.

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